Saturday, February 9, 2013

Beachy-Feminine Style

I really love styles that have pretty pale colors, are very girly, but you can pair them with some more comfortable and casual pieces.



New American apparel jeans :)


girly things | Tumblr on -

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Breeann Katelyn Stone on We Heart It.


♠hippie, grunge, anime, gothic here!!♠



☀ Nature ☯ Spiritual ☮ Cultural

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Perffffect like actually this could be top ten fav pics on tumblr

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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Summer Camp Style

I'm probably gonna end up working at a summer camp in July :) I'm excited! I'm just thinking about all of the fun and pretty things there are at camp.

Getting to do this every day
looks like a Chestnut canoe

summer camp

*Be here now*  Swimming in Lake Malawi - Mumbo Camp    Photograph copyright Nic Bednall 2012

And getting to do this every night
camping :)


Getting to chill here, here, and here all week.

summer.  camp.

bunk beds . rustic . kids or guest room . cozy .

As always, I would be worried about what to wear.
I started making a list, sort of.

Want: Varsity Jacket
Varsity jacket

Cute backpack (Campy, isn't it?)

Lace and khaki shorts :)
Khaki shorts

Tennis shoes

Crystal Fori Bracelet
Statement bracelet

Take a plain old sweatshirt and add a fabric of your choice!
Cozy sweater

Urban Outfitters red flannel plaid shirt, gray jeans, and Steve Madden boots.  On a side note, this girl has the best fashion blog ever,
Plaid shirt

Ribbon Rainboots by Dreamspun
Rain boots

#Obey #OBEY #Snapback #Snapbacks #Cute #Girl #Grey #Gray #Red #Jean #Jacket #Hoodie #Style #Swag #Fashion #Sweater #Hair #Love
Simple hat

adorable bikini
Cute Swimsuit

Oversized tees
Baggy tank

Jean shorts

Steve Madden
Comfy sandals

Cotton dress

i looove this
Pattern tee

DIY them all
Versatile headband

#ripped #jeans
Favorite jeans

Korean Slim round neck striped long-sleeved T-shirt
Striped shirt

Future Cat Eye Sunglasses
And of course, sunglasses.